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INTEGRATED TESTING: In addition to HIV, we offer testing for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Hepatitis C

Call 1-888-226-6366 for all questions and appointments



MAC office/Ferndale: Mondays – 1 to 6pm, by appointment only

                                         Thursdays – 9am to noon & 2-5pm, walk-in or appointment

Affirmations/Ferndale:  Wednesdays, 6-9pm, walk-in or appointment

MAC Mpowerment Office/New Center: Tuesdays, 2 to 10pm, walk-in or appointments

Gold Coast: 2nd Friday, 11pm to 2am

Gigi’s: 3rd Fridays, 11pm to 2am

The Woodward: 1st Thursday, 11pm to 2am

Menjo’s: 2nd Thursday, 11pm to 2am

Tom Phillips Post: 3rd Thursday,1am to 3am

Central United Methodist/Grand Circus: 4th Wednesday, 10am to noon (Syphilis & Hep C) 


Our mission statement is to “prevent HIV/AIDS in Michigan by promoting healthy lifestyles, providing and investing in evidence-based, innovative programs and through advocacy and education.” The two agencies which merged to form MAC have more than 30 years experience in HIV/AIDS advocacy, education and outreach. We will continue on this path until it is no longer necessary.
MAC is a Community Partnership of AIDS United

MAC Blog

Friday, June 19th, 2015
"Michigan AIDS Coalition (MAC) Announces Expanded STD Testing"

On June 1st, Michigan AIDS Coalition (MAC) will formally launch its Integrated Testing Pilot Project, which now will include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Hepatitis C in addition to their longstanding screenings for HIV and Syphilis. “For many years, we had been serving high risk populations including white, African-American, and Latino men who have sex with other […]



15th Annual Ferndale Blues & Music Festival

Jan. 29 – Feb. 6 , 2016


MAC welcomes contributions of any amount from individuals, foundations and corporations.The smallest individual gift can make a huge difference to a man, woman, or young person living with or at-risk for HIV/AIDS.

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a substance that when introduced into the body, “teaches” the immune system to recognize and defend against a virus (such as HIV), bacteria or other disease-causing agent.

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