2015-POSTERFerndale Blues & Music Festival:  Jan. 23 to Jan. 31, 2015.  In 2001, a group of volunteers got together in Ferndale Michigan to organize a city-wide Blues Festival to raise money for charity. Clubs, restaurants, and bars in downtown Ferndale were invited to host live blues concerts during a weekend in January 2002, donating cover charges and raising funds through raffles and sponsorships.  To date, over $20,000 has been raised for local charities, including, Michigan AIDS Coalition.   For event information, go to :


Our mission statement is to “prevent HIV/AIDS in Michigan by promoting healthy lifestyles, providing and investing in evidence-based, innovative programs and through advocacy and education.” The two agencies which merged to form MAC have more than 30 years experience in HIV/AIDS advocacy, education and outreach. We will continue on this path until it is no longer necessary.
MAC is a Community Partnership of AIDS United

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
"DIFFA + ArtWorks Detroit 2014 – You’re Invited!"

DIFFA’s DINING BY DESIGN  and ArtWorks Detroit, benefitting Michigan AIDS Coalition (MAC), is a feast for the eyes, body & heart, featuring the most dynamic and innovative dining environments ever created!  DINING BY DESIGN is a one-of-a-kind, spectacular event that showcases local talent in the design, artistic and architectural community, who are then paired with […]




SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, March 26th, Twist Night Club, Ferndale, MI

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MAC welcomes contributions of any amount from individuals, foundations and corporations.The smallest individual gift can make a huge difference to a man, woman, or young person living with or at-risk for HIV/AIDS.

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a substance that when introduced into the body, “teaches” the immune system to recognize and defend against a virus (such as HIV), bacteria or other disease-causing agent.

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